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Seychelles comprises 115 islands scattered over a million square kilometres in the Indian Ocean. The mainly granitic Inner islands cluster for the most part around the principal islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and together form the cultural hub of Seychelles as well as the centre of its tourism industry. Together they contain the vast majority of the accommodation facilities as well as almost the entire population of the archipelago.

The beauty of Seychelles is evident the moment you arrive. You will discover there are many outstanding natural and man-made attractions to visit and explore. Take a tour with a local tour operator or hire a car or bicycle and set off on your own journey of discovery. There is a wide choice of out-of-the-way art galleries and craft shops, charming restaurants, old Creole style plantation houses, scenic viewpoints and natural wonders to experience both above and beneath the waves.

Here are just a few of the exciting day tours available.

Full day excursion to Cousin
Curieuse and St. Pierre by boat, air or a combination of boat and air. (available from Mahe, Praslin or La Digue)

At first point of call there is a guided 1-hour tour of Cousin, a picturesque reserve for a wide range of fauna including doves and giant tortoises and also a conservation success story that has rescued important endemic wildlife from extinction.

After savouring the diversity of this pristine sanctuary set like a gemstone in a pure turquoise sea you will visit Curieuse Island off Praslin’s northern coast, the only place apart from the Vallee de Mai where the Coco-de-Mer grows wild. Here you will enjoy exceptional swimming in limpid waters and relax on white sands before being served a tasty barbeque on the beach.

After lunch you can enjoy a 1-hour guided tour through this fascinating nature reserve, taking in the ruins of the ancient leper colony and the newly refurbished “Doctor’s House”, now a charming museum. The island trail meanders through a mangrove forest teeming with wildlife toward the impressive lagoon of Baie Laraie where small sharks and turtles abound and where you will find the pen for rearing giant land tortoises in an exciting conservation project.

Leaving Curieuse we make our way to the third in the trio of island jewels, St. Pierre, for the snorkelling experience a lifetime, amid crystalline waters that abound with a myriad of fish and colourful coral formations.

Tour of 2 islands
This tour features the unique attractions of Praslin and the extremely beautiful neighbouring island of La Digue, probably the most photographed island of Seychelles.

The second largest island Praslin, is a favourite amongst visitors for its natural beauty, romance and charm as well for its superb beaches and beautiful small hotels. Excursions to Praslin include guided tours to the Vallee de Mai, home of the fabulous Coco de Mer palms with the evocative pelvic shaped double nuts and the rare Black Parrot.

La Digue is a tranquil island of primitive charm. Towering coconut trees, the elusive Paradise Flycatcher thriving in the Takamaka and Indian Almond trees are some of the special features of this island.

After crossing to La Digue by schooner you are taken to a typical Creole restaurant for lunch before proceeding to the beautiful L’Union Estate where you can see coconuts being turned into copra and then to oil and also see vanilla and giant land tortoises.

Time is allocated for swimming at Anse Source D’Argent before returning to Mahé in the late afternoon.

Coco and Félicité (operates from La Digue only)
Discover these 2 dazzling jewels in Seychelles diadem of islands on an unforgettable excursion into their crystalline waters.

Departing from La Digue you are trans ported first to renowned Coco Island followed by neighbouring Félicité for the snorkelling experience of a lifetime, offering you expert knowledge of the area and supplying you with complimentary snorkelling gear on request.
Coco and Félicité remain, without doubt, among the very best snorkelling spots in the archipelago, where the richness of the marine life, the dizzying colour of the corals combinewith unbelievably glassy waters to produce an underwater extravaganza of truly epic proportions to grant you lifelong memories of one of Seychelles richest island treasures.

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